Use Videos to Enhance Your Webpage

A few days ago, I watched an episode of a kids show called Peppa Pig with my younger brother. The main character, Peppa Pig, experienced some difficulty communicating with her French pen pal, Delphine Donkey. There was a language barrier that existed within the letters they wrote to each other and even during a brief phone call in which Peppa only repeated her mother’s words with no understanding of the sounds her mouth was making. Even when they met each other face to face, they had trouble communicating their ideas for a game to play. It was only once Peppa showed the pen pal the activity that they finally both understood and had a fun time. Having a hard time picturing what I just said? Here’s a video of the episode:


If you watched the video, you probably have a better understanding of what I was trying to explain. That, my friend, is the power of videos.

Why use videos on a webpage?

Not everybody can read the same language, but most people can watch the same video and have a common understanding of the content. Notably, when you add a video to your webpage you increase the number of people who receive your information. As an illustration, let’s say you have an international business selling shoes that help with foot pain. In order to reach out to a wider audience, you could include a promotional video that broadcasts the benefits of buying your shoe brand. This could help advertise to people who don’t speak English, or have a learning difficulty. There are companies that could help diversify your videos, like Matinée Multilingual. They specialize in the production and translation of audio, video and multimedia content is, so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out.


How does this enhance the user experience?

A video can turn a lifeless webpage into a more dynamic, interactive destination for users. You could use it to entertain, inform or demonstrate something. However, this only works if users know that the video is there, are encouraged to watch it, and can successfully view it. The goal is to make it concise by telling them what they need to know and keeping the audience engaged.

Also, the usage of videos can increase the possibility that the information will reach a wider audience. In this social media infested world, it’s easier to share videos than just a simple link to an article. This allows potential users to get a taste of what you have to offer long before even visiting your website.


Make the most of videos

All in all, there are many ways videos can enhance the user experience on a webpage. They can break down language barriers that may exist between you and a user. They could give life to even the most monotonous webpages. Plus, it makes sharing content on your website easier on social media. Now that you understand the power of videos, why not put one on your website today!


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