Book Review Interview: Dividing Eden with Nadya the Pirate Princess

Literature Isn’t Dead: welcome back undead book lovers! Today we’re going to discuss Joelle Charbonneau’s new fantasy novel, Dividing Eden, with Nadya the pirate princess. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy sailing schedule to talk to us, Nadya.

Nadya: all me duty to ye lady, my crew was annoying me there anyway. Better this than walking the plank.

LID: hahaha glad to hear that. Since this is a new novel, can you tell us what it is about?

N: The tale surrounded the unfortunate death of Carys’ and Andreus’ father and older brother being killed, and the queen being unable to take the throne leaving twins Carys and Andreus as next in line to take charge. But because both had an equal right to the throne, they had to take part in a Trial of Succession – fighting against each other to see who would be the next ruler, which was especially brutal since it’s sibling against sibling, and because they had no other option. I like me a good battle story. Especially one with a bad-ass princess like me.

LID: sounds like you preferred Carys over her twin Andreus. Why?

N: Andreus reminded me of me crew when we meet the sirens – annoyin’, strivin’ for approval for their accomplishments and power hungry. Carys is someone I would invite to join my ship. She doesn’t follow the princess stereotypes! She has dresses that have hidden pockets for weapons and she’d speak up when somethin’ needed to be said, instead of stayin’ quiet. I liked how Carys tried to find a way for them both to survive the trials and continued to have her brother’s best interests at heart right the way through the book. My ship needs that kind of guts and loyalty.

LID: I would love to meet her too!

N: We shall sail to her land and meet the landlubber.

LID: …remember that she’s a fictional character.

N: just because I’m a swashbuckler that secretly reads books don’t mean I don’t know that. But to be a true book lover, you must consider that the characters don’t only live on the pages but also in ye heart.


N: is the interview over?

LID: umm well no I wanted to also ask if you had anything else weren’t mentioning.

N: I don’t trust that Trade Master Errik. No stranger is that nice so quickly to someone every man finds venomous. Last time, we went to the trade market to see if we could get some food for some stolen loot and this handsome fellow was carousin’ me from the bottom up. Little did I know I paid him twice the amount necessary for a barrel of ale. Nice men are dangerous when they have a secret agenda.

LID: wow.

N: I threatened him to pay back what we gave him with the help of me sword. Ended with free ale. The crew had a celebration hahaha. Speaking of the scoundrels, I need to get back before they touch me book shelf! I swear if Scully touched my copy of Six of Crows…

LID: alright alright before you go, what would you rate this novel?

N: who rates books anymore? What ye need to know is that Dividing Eden is alright. I thought the pace was pretty good, and I liked that things kept happening to keep the story interesting. The point of views would get repetitive, but I say read it.

LID: thank you for your time & I hope they didn’t touch anything!

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