There’s More to Delivering Newspapers Than You Think

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How could you make a story with newspaper girls and incorporate sci-fi elements? That’s what I intended to find out once my cousin recommended the comics. It was a relatively unusual read, to be honest.


After reading the first two volumes, I still don’t know what the story is about. There was not even some real development for character or setting, just one thing happens after the other with no order. Maybe that was goal?? Maybe the authors want the reader to be so damn confused and try to grab whatever clues are given to them and that is what will prompt them to finish the comic.


**Conspiracy Theory: the story is about a future where Apple takes over the world. **



At first, I thought the book took place in a contemporary setting, then it morphed into some time traveling mumbo jumbo. I was left super confused and hoped it would become clearer later on. At some point, I realized the time period was originally set in 1988, but remember I said there was time traveling involved so really this story was everywhere.


With a mess of a storyline, I’d say the salvation of this comic were the diverse cast of characters. A Jewish girl, a Vietnamese girl, and angry Irish and an adopted girl of indeterminate race? A combination meant to give the story a bit more pizazz and help the targeted audience relate to what they’re going through.

Though my favorite character was Mac.  She is a chain-smoking Irish-American lass, tough and redheaded, willing to step up and throw down for her equally-fierce pack of paper girls against the most unexpected foes. The image of complete girl power and general badassery. I love it.

Final Grade:

I give Paper Girls3/5 stars rating. I liked the constant action but the story itself was wack.



This is an appreciation note for Cliff Chiang and his extraordinary art style! I recognized it from the Wonder Woman comic series, because of his unique way of combining colors and his brush strokes bring joy to my heart.

Here’s a video of him drawing the four main characters:


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