Silence Them



They always have a second opinion

Those whispers

inside your head


They’re those tiny voices

you hear when you read

inside your head.

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall”

And I’m sure he was happy,

just as you are,

until you’ve both

had a great fall.


Defeat is what summons their opposites

from the dark corners

inside your head

Feasting on the emotions like




To them, it’s all sweet treat


The voices prepare for their first attack

In the disguise of a Trojan Horse

“It’s okay”

“You tried your best”

They laugh at their worthless consolations


Next, they tell you it’s not okay

Your best was not enough

You are not enough


They are the conductors of this orchestra

Leading a symphony of your insecurities

They get louder

And louder


Then crescendo hits its peak

And leaves you weak


But see here’s the thing

You can’t let Them win

You can’t give their words power


Learn to change that toxic friendship

With yourself

You wouldn’t like a friend that never supported you

So why not start

With yourself


They will always be part of you

No matter what you do

But learn to take control of the volume

Before you are consumed


Inhale the confidence

and exhale the doubt

You are amazing

You are loved

You are stronger than them


But in our order to do this

You must learn to

Silence Them


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