Literature Isn’t Dead & You Better Believe It

Literature is being considered more and more as a dying art in the world of technological advancement. As well as the tragic fact that some people simply don’t like reading. It’s not their faults! They just haven’t found the right book. That one novel that will change their perspective on literature. In that case, that’s the main goal of the website: to help you find your next read. On here you will find many reviews on a variety of book genres. From the magical realism of Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis where dogs learn whether human consciousness is a gift or a curse to historical fiction thrillers with supernatural killers in The Diviners by Libba Bray. From time to time, we’ll post some stories and a bit poetry.

I also created this website because I read many novels but don’t have many people to share my opinions on them. My origin story started the moment my mom finally got me a library card when I turned 8 years old. Henceforth, I never stopped reading. Every day there would be a world between my hands as other people browsed their phones. I’d try to express how much I loved or hated a book with my friends, but they didn’t really care. So I created this website to share these feelings with bookworms just like me- and you.

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